Docutain - Smart document management

Manage documents cleverly

Digitize and manage documents with your smartphone
Docutain receives the App Award for best scanner app since 2019
Docutain gets awarded annually since 2019!
Documents can be easily digitized and then intuitive management can begin.


Index information, address master, OCR text recognition and more. You have a wide range of options for adding information to your documents when saving them so that you can find them again easily and in the shortest possible time.

If desired, documents can also be synchronized with a cloud of your choice.

Storage location

Whether purely locally on your device or in a cloud of your choice. We offer connections to the most common cloud providers and you decide where your documents are stored.

Documents are secured with state-of-the-art encryption algorithms. No access for third parties.


State-of-the-art encryption algorithms, password protection and all document analyses (e.g. OCR text recognition) locally on the device. We offer maximum security for your sensitive documents.

Mobile document management

Docutain not only turns your smartphone into a scanner, but also provides a complete and secure document management.

Document recognition and triggering the camera at the perfect moment, automatic cropping, perspective correction and intelligent color filters enable you to achieve perfect scanning results.

Index information when saving, such as name, keywords, address, tax relevance and OCR text recognition help you to organize and retrieve your documents.

All information in a document can be edited at any time, new pages can be added and existing pages can be deleted.

For maximum security, you can encrypt all your data in Docutain using the latest encryption methods and protect app access with a password.

Docutain can be connected to a cloud, such as OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive. This allows you to protect your documents from loss and synchronize them with all your devices.

Saved documents can be shared in seconds as PDF file, e.g. by email or WhatsApp.

Simply complete your digital archiving for private or business purposes at any time while on the move.

Docutain Scan & Data Extraction SDK

You have a business and you need a scanner in your company's app or in a customer-facing app? Then integrate our ready-to-use document scanning, barcode scanning and data extraction functionalities in less than 1 day in your apps for Android, iOS or Windows. Our Docutain SDK offers ready-to-use UI components for a fast and easy integration so that you can focus on your core business.